Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hollya's Automatic Writing - 5 Minutes

In D5 we do something called Automatic Writing. This is where we have a certain amount of time to write anything that we think of, down.  We can write sentences or just words that we think of.  We are allowed to write anything we want.  We hope you enjoy reading what we have written. 

See 3 before me ... what did you? When will you play with me.  I'm bored and tired of writing.  Purple colours and all sort of colours are fun.  No question I say ... it is too loud ... I can't get on with my work.  Can you help me ... I need help so can you help me please.  I like to play with you because you are fun to play with.  Can we play with playdoh because it is squishy to play with.  Write in pen ... Draw in pencil.  Can you show me how to do amazing tricks please because I am not clever to do amazing tricks.  

By Hollya 

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